Thursday, 6 October 2011

I've been slacking some what on the blog front so thought I'd give you a quick update on what I'm currently loving!

West country cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia
Hot mango salsa
Sweet and sour nuts
Kalamata olives with herbs

This is my second graze box & it's amazing! I suppose i like it for its novelty value; the idea of little treats being popped through your post box for you to enjoy throughout the day but I also love it because it tastes so good too.

Every week Graze send you your own personalised nibble box. Each box is perfectly balanced to give you loads of essential nutrients and help prevent those choccie cravings we all get come 3 o'clock. You also get your very own a mini booklet that contains the nutritional information for each punnet, highlighting which ones contain antioxidants & vitamins. 

If you fancy trying this too (& I suggest you do!) then you can use the code below to get your first one free!


I was given a Konjac Sponge to try out & can honestly say it's great. I have never used one of these before and it feels fantastic on your skin. 

There are several different versions in the product range, but I use the one pictured above as it is for dry & sensitive skin. All of them are made from 100% natural vegetable fibre sponge with nourishing mineral rich French clay.
I didn't realise that Konjac is known for its health giving properties and used in Japan for over 1500 years! They are a fantastic way of cleansing and gently exfoliating your skin.

One other great thing about them is you don't just use them one then throw them away, they can be used for several months & when it is finally time to discard it can actually be composted after use!

If you fancy trying one out then they are available at Liberty's or simply visit their website.