Friday, 25 February 2011

The Purrfect Pair.....

Although I do like a bit of Hello Kitty from time to time, it's everywhere nowadays and can't help but start to be a little bored by it all. However, whilst browsing the net I stumbled upon a quirky collaboration between Sanrio & Reebok.

I think I'm starting to become a sucker for anything with a bow on it so the fact that each pair of Reebok PT-20 INT Plush Kitty comes with a big fat red HK style bow on the side gets my vote!

It shouldn't be to anyone's surprise that the Hello Kitty brand is now featured on casual footwear, it's on everything else! But what I think gives this collaboration a unique twist is the fact you can quite clearly see the 2 brands working in harmony with each other. The classic Reebok shape hasn't altered and still stands out from the HK features. Even the furry finish helps give it that kitty look yet the consumer still knows it's a Reebok.

Another part I love about these trainers are the soles. Even though you don't necessarily see them, it's just that little extra detail that adds to the cute factor. 

I personally prefer the black & white pair just because I feel they are more subtle yet their quirkiness still stands out. The furry fabric in bright pink is a bit O.T.T - even for me! & for some reason it just reminds me of a granny's I think that colour's a no go!

*These are limited edition and I believe are currently exclusive to Japan...surprise, surprise! They are available from a store called Atmos, but fingers crossed the rest of us will be able to get our hands on them soon!

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