Tuesday, 13 November 2012

HD Brows

I've been contemplating whether to give the HD Brow system a go for several months now and never plucked up the courage to book an appointment....until now!

I have never really done anything to my eyebrows, only simply plucking stray hairs away for a simple tidy up and occasionally pencilling them in for nights out. I've always been a bit scared to change the shape myself & also a little intimidated to book into a salon. However, I finally took the plunge and decided to go for it.

I went to a local beauty salon that offered HD Brows as a treatment. I did look into a variety of salons and found that prices varied from £25-£45 so I would definitely recommend shopping around. I went to a place based on recommendations and because of this I got 50% off!

There are 7 steps to the HD Brow system and took around 30 minutes. It involves a combination of techniques including tinting, waxing, threading & trimming. At first the beauty therapist cleans the eyebrow area and marks where your eyebrows should start/end & where your arch should be. They then tint your hairs, I opted for a shade close to my natural colour. Once the dye had taken, it was cleaned off and the waxing commenced!

As I mentioned before, I have never had waxing nor threading so was a little concerned about the pain factor. I honestly don't know what I was worried about. Yes there is a slight discomfort when the pads are whipped off but it lasts for a second, if that and you could already see my new brows taking shape.

I've always wanted to give threading a go and was intrigued to find out what it felt like. Several of my friends thought that it is more painful than waxing but I in fact disagree. Both techniques have a little discomfort involved but nothing major and as the saying goes, 'no pain, no gain.' Each step is done so quickly that there is no need to worry about whether it will hurt or not and everyone is different.

They only thread the top part of each brow and once complete, both brows are filled in using eyebrow makeup. HD Brow do have their own palette for this but the salon I visited used a Christian Eyebrow kit in the shade Irid Brown.

These include 3 stencils; thin, natural or thick. Surprisingly I was advised to use the thick stencil, I was a little concerned that this may result in a scouse brow but I was very pleased with the end results, see below:

Prior to having the HD Brow session, I hadn't plucked my eyebrows for quite a few weeks. This was to help reshape my brows. The beauty therapist has left a little of the regrowth as I had over plucked one side near to the bridge of my nose. This is why using an eyebrow kit afterwards helps to disguise any grow back in order to help get the perfect shape.

I would definitely recommend giving it a go, I am really happy with the overall results and think it's a great way to instantly transform your eyebrows/look and helps get the perfect brow to suit you. I do feel the price tag is a hefty one to pay monthly but it is ideal for anyone who wants to grow their eyebrows and correct their shape. Once you have corrected them by having a couple of sessions of the HD Brow system you'll only need to book in for a wax of thread session which should help keep costs down a little!

I for one already know I'm hooked and shall be looking forward to my next appointment!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

GLOSSYBOX - June 2012

I've actually had quite a few GLOSSYBOXes through my door but never blogged about one so thought it was time I did. Most people will have heard of them and even more people would have ordered at least one by now.

Just incase you don't know what it is, every month, GLOSSYBOX delivers a mix of 5 exciting product miniatures packed in a beautiful box for you to test at home. You can give your feeback/thoughts on each product you receive & the company will award you with 20 glossydots per review and once you have 1000 dots you can get your next box free!

Below are a few snaps to show you how it arrives - even the postage is kitted out head to toe in Glossybox. The actual box it comes in is the usual pink colour and I love these because they make great storage boxes. 

I love how each month every box arrives all wrapped up and it's that little extra touch that makes it feel special - almost like another birthday!

My 5 products this month were:

1) GLOSSYBOX Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush
2) HD BROWS Precision Tweezers
3) BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer
4) Caudalie Eaux Fraiches
5) Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundations Cream Stick

This should retail at £15.00 so I was really happy to find I had bagged myself one of these. It's soft, not as soft as my Urban Decay brush but it is made from goat hair and think it's a great size for travelling.

I was so excited to see something from HD Brows. I noticed quite a few people got something of theirs in the last box & I didn't so Glossybox have made up for it now and I'm a happy girl indeed. Especially as my boyfriend decided to blunt all my expensive tweezers by using them instead of screwdrivers - I was not happy to say the least! These retail at £19.95 which to some maybe pricey but with tweezers you definitely get what you pay for and would recommend these or Tweerzerman any day.

I did get a very mini pot of Bronzer by BM Beauty which I am yet to test out but fingers crossed it shall have me glowing for the summer.

There were 3 different scents you could receive in your box this month from Caudalie and I got the yellow version, Zeste De Vigne. I'm not sure if I like this, yes it's 'Zesty' & citrusy but to me this scent just reminds me of those hand wipes you get on a plane after your meal or from KFC....classy! Whilst the scent was settling I then thought it reminded me of Aftershock, again it's not the sort of thing I want to smell of during the day. I have now been wearing it for an hour and can't smell anything so this definitely does not 'refresh my senses' and at £26 for a full size, I think i'll be sticking to the free hand wipes!

The final product I received was the Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundations Cream by Vichy. I am also yet to try these but they look like they would be great at covering up any scars, birthmarks, dark circles you may wish to hide. What I love about this tester is you get the chance to play around with several different shades so you'll find your exact colour. The packet also opens up to reveal a handy guide on how to apply the product. The full size comes in a stick and retails at £19.00 & if it does what it says on the tin, then I may be tempted to purchase the real deal as nothing seems to hide the bags under my eyes!

All in all this was a good box for me and I am happy with the majority of samples I received. GLOSSYBOX is £10.00 + P&P each month and as you'll see from above you do get your monies worth. I was tempted to have a break from it but since seeing all my new goodies I think I'll carry on for a few more months!


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Candy Colour Gloss Shines

Colour Me Happy!

Oh My! Look what we have just stumbled upon - we just had to share it!

If you're a lover of the pastel parade then you need to hurry & get your mitts on this Limited Edition range of Candy Colour Gloss Shines by Daniel Hersheson. Available in 4 cute pastel shades; peach, baby blue, baby pink and lilac, these are a fab way to jazz up a dull hair do.

These are suitable on pre-lightened or natural blonde hair & perfect for applying all over, a few streaks or simply the tips of your hair - wherever you fancy really. What's so great about this product is it's a wash in wash out colour, so if you're like me & get bored pretty quickly then now you can be forever experimenting with your hair style and colour!

Everyone is going mad for these ever since Pixie Geldof tweeted about them & so far they are only available to the U.K so here's hoping we get our hands on one!