Tuesday, 29 March 2011

'Let Them Eat Cake...'

These cakes are amazing!!! - Yes, believe it or not they are indeed cakes!

Each one has been crafted by Brighton based company, Choccywoccydoodah and although many of you may have seen them featured in their very own 10-part series on Sky TV, they are just simply amazing so I had to add them to my blog! 

I absolutely love this one (above)...but how would you cut into it!?! In fact I wouldn't want to, it's too pretty! The pastel colours compliment the tea party themed objects so well.

If you can imagine it they can create it! I certainly know where I want to go for my next day trip. I'll be heading straight down to Brighton for a day by the seaside filled with chocolatey gooey goodness - what could be better!

This would be my perfect home, shame it's a cake! Don't worry, I've kept this short so you don't dribble over your keyboard. But hopefully you too can appreciate just how amazing these works of art are.


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